My favourite garden

Hi everyone.

My working life is now spent as a self employed gardener and I am proud to say that this garden is my jewel in the crown. I have recently changed career (2 years ago) involving the harrowing experience of returning to education after 20 years to attain a RHS Level II certificate in horticulture. SUCCESS… It wasnt that bad actually and would highly recommend anyone interested in a change of lifestyle…….BECOME A GARDENER… IT’S GREAT!!! 

The Main Lawn

This first picture is the open plan of the main lawn although i should stress the garden is nearly 2 acres. Approximately 160 hours of labour per month at the height of the season April – September. 

The dell is a fascinating area of the garden and i am sure i will arrange seperate blogs for specific areas of the garden as time moves on. There are 22 seperate areas, including weeping ash lawn, column garden, cut flower garden, veg, fruit cage, wild flower garden, etc.

The pergola is something special – about 75 metres long in all covered in an assortment of honeysuckle, clematis, laburnum, roses and lots of other niceities.

True to say that many people are bound down by there job, mortgage to pay, kids to feed, but for me, when i open my eyes in the morning, i can truly say that life is good… why? Because i LOVE my job.

Peace and happiness


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Reading for December 8 (via One Dharma Nashville)

Wish I was here

A special day in the buddhist calendar.

This week’s reading is in honor Buddha’s Enlightenment Day, also known as Bodhi Day, traditionally recognized as December 8 in many traditions. Since December 8 is next Monday we will have an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of Buddha’s enlightenment in the present time, in our own lives. The dharma that is taught and the dharma that is experienced are descriptions of how to live, how to use your life to wake you up rather than put you to sl … Read More

via One Dharma Nashville

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New to wordpress

Hi there. Have been looking for somewhere to blog, have been on a spiritual journey for a longtime now. Truly believe I have become enlightened and now wish to share my life with others. See the solution is to see that the world is suffering and accept that it will always be. And then if you can try to spread a little happiness, show a little compassion, all this without focussing on your own material gain, then life WILL reward you for your patience and understanding… Be strong, live your life with love in your heart. Peace and happiness. ICB

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