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Need a gardener

Hi there. I am a small, relatively new business and I am looking for part-time/casual gardeners to help me with a long term project near Dunstable in Bedfordshire. I am looking after a 2 acre garden (was a paddock) which constantly needs expert ‘weeders’. You do not need to be qualified to the hilt but a general knowledge of weeds and pests and diseases would be most helpful. For more information pls contact me indicating experience or/and qualifications and a rough idea on how much you would expect to be paid. Transport essential as rural location. Kind regards.

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Please help me save my Tree Fern !!!

Photo taken May 2010

It had just been moved into a new position not far from before (same soil) but it was receiving more light. Not once has it been allowed to dry out.

I have a Tree fern which I believe is Dicksonia antarctica.

I have had issues with this since September when i noticed canker, and a possible edema. I had treated the wound accordingly back then with Bordeaux mix (Copper) and also dug more sand and compost into the soil around the base of the trunk understanding the problem to be one of respiration. I also used a mix of armatillox and water to disinfect the soil.

August 2010

Since then, the tree has been covered over winter, and what was once an orange wound has now become a white scar ?!? Is this a sign that it is healing and that I should cut the infected part away now and re-disinfect, or does this look really bad and if all else fails cut the tree in half and stand a chance of saving it ???

Photo taken 24th January 2011

Any advice would be truly appreciated, its such a lovely tree, nearly 6ft tall !?!

I would be truly grateful for any advice that will help me save the tree, or at least half of it,

Many thanks,


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Mudra – Hand positions of Japanese Buddhist Deities; Japanese Buddhism

Mudra – Hand positions of Japanese Buddhist Deities; Japanese Buddhism.

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The Way Of Faith ~ by Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai

The Way Of Faith ~ by Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai.

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Cut Flower Garden over the last 18 months

I have been tending to this garden for nearly 2 years now, 18 months of that as a sub-contractor. I have seen many changes already in that two-year period and I find that it is more noticeable when you look at past photos and compare side by side…. So here it is


August 2009




The problem with the cut flower garden is that the owner wants a steady flow of cut flowers for the house and noticeably a lot of the plants in here were for July till late September. The previous gardener (and myself sub-contracting) gave it a make over in the Winter.

First off a lot of plants and bulbs were moved to different areas of the garden. This was a major task, 14 beds approx 12ft by 4ft. Asters, dahlias, delphiniums, crocosmia, gladioli, osteospurmems etc We then removed all of the soil out of the beds(clay) to a certain depth and then dug in organic matter. We then layed membrane down and covered with tree and shrub compost to act as a mulch and then soil improver if necessary. The excess soil was used to create a bank around some silver birches which I have since planted up this year (late) with bluebells and snowdrops. Not much hope for them this year sadly !

Spring 2010



So where are we at now, Summer 2010







Still lacking slightly for the early part of this year. The Peonies and Agapanthus were a bit of a let down but as it was their first year (bare root) we live in hope of this coming spring. Crinum powelli – total waste of time, very unsuccessful. But dahlias, sunflowers, crocosmia, gladioli were stunning. The decorative Akita,



So now, into November 2010 it is looking pretty bare. Crinum powelli to be removed, also need to add something for a little bit earlier in the year, have some mini plugs under fleece, antirhinnums and asters. Can’t wait till next year, any ideas about what else to plant,.. quite fancy the idea of Gerbera’s.


Thanks for your time,

ICB .x.

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Without love, what is life, except a moral obligation to survive. ICB


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My Old Gardening Blog Site !

A snow necklace has appeared !

Hi there !

Do you have a green thumb? Want to share your gardening expertise with fellow plant lovers? Grows on You is a community for gardeners where they can share their gardening tips and learn from other community members.

I have been using this very well set up blog site which is aimed at anyone who has a passion or interest in gardening. It is a global site, so if you have plants like Cordyline which are of Australian origin, at least it is possible to receive advice from a native Australian ! I have been blogging here for over a year, about a garden I maintain in the UK not far from London. It has been an invaluable source of information and ideas and would highly recommend it to anyone.


This link will take you directly to my blog. Please feel free to leave any comments.

Thanks for your time,


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Poem from the past.

I wrote this poem at a very profound time in my life. I was in my mid 20’s, confused with where I was heading. The previous year had been troublesome and I had become very secluded with my thoughts. I had been experimenting with recreational drugs for a long period of time, specifically marijuana and, in a way this had brought to the forefront of my mind, questions of self-discovery that I had never appreciated in my sober state. I had developed a sort of “Is this all that life has to offer” attitude. It took a period of quiet contemplation, and a serious amount of re-education on self-belief, to rediscover the essence of nature.

I managed to get a job in Greece for 6 months to work in a restaurant through the Summer. Totally drug-free, paradise island, very hard work though. Spent a lot of non working time reading…  

Books that influenced my path of self-discovery.

1. The Green Buddha – Christopher Titmuss

2. Memories Dreams & Reflections – Carl Gustav Jung

3. Bhagavad Gita ‘As it is’ – A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

When I returned to england in September 1999 I somehow felt very different…   

What a beautiful island ! 

To sit in peace, to take things slow,

Enjoying nature, watching it grow.

Natural beauty should be appreciated,

Yet the tree of life is fast becoming annihilated.


We live in a world that demands too much,

Its through desire and lust that we’ve become so out of touch.

In time we will see when the world is destroyed,

When we have taken everything through the tactics we’ve employed.


Human intelligence is directed to self,

We are what we earn, our egos need wealth.

Its easier to enjoy the simpler things,

to wait and see, to see what life brings.


We should just be grateful that health allows us another day,

Too enjoy natural beauty the easy way.

It’s no use worrying about wealth or about love,

as it’s something decided by the gods from above.


Life is spoilt with too much change,

We should learn to appreciate, not re-arrange.

Live for today enjoying the land,

As i have discovered with natures helping hand.


 Peace, love and happiness,

From within our self.

Is far more important than,

Desire, lust and wealth.


     Thanks for your time, ICB

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This is a piece from Snatam kaur that helps me think !


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