Please help me save my Tree Fern !!!

Photo taken May 2010

It had just been moved into a new position not far from before (same soil) but it was receiving more light. Not once has it been allowed to dry out.

I have a Tree fern which I believe is Dicksonia antarctica.

I have had issues with this since September when i noticed canker, and a possible edema. I had treated the wound accordingly back then with Bordeaux mix (Copper) and also dug more sand and compost into the soil around the base of the trunk understanding the problem to be one of respiration. I also used a mix of armatillox and water to disinfect the soil.

August 2010

Since then, the tree has been covered over winter, and what was once an orange wound has now become a white scar ?!? Is this a sign that it is healing and that I should cut the infected part away now and re-disinfect, or does this look really bad and if all else fails cut the tree in half and stand a chance of saving it ???

Photo taken 24th January 2011

Any advice would be truly appreciated, its such a lovely tree, nearly 6ft tall !?!

I would be truly grateful for any advice that will help me save the tree, or at least half of it,

Many thanks,



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3 Responses to Please help me save my Tree Fern !!!

  1. Roland says:

    Try placing a copper ring with the ends apart around the trunk – my mother used to revive plants in this way. Refer Georges Lakhovsky

  2. Megan says:

    Oh man that’s so sad! Put a post out on our facebook page for help. We don’t know a lot about keeping tree ferns happy. Looks like you’re doing everything you can. Here’s a wee bit of advice from a follower, “dont give up on it, you never know, if plants could only talk…” Hoping that Spring brings your baby better things!

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