Poem from the past.

I wrote this poem at a very profound time in my life. I was in my mid 20’s, confused with where I was heading. The previous year had been troublesome and I had become very secluded with my thoughts. I had been experimenting with recreational drugs for a long period of time, specifically marijuana and, in a way this had brought to the forefront of my mind, questions of self-discovery that I had never appreciated in my sober state. I had developed a sort of “Is this all that life has to offer” attitude. It took a period of quiet contemplation, and a serious amount of re-education on self-belief, to rediscover the essence of nature.

I managed to get a job in Greece for 6 months to work in a restaurant through the Summer. Totally drug-free, paradise island, very hard work though. Spent a lot of non working time reading…  

Books that influenced my path of self-discovery.

1. The Green Buddha – Christopher Titmuss

2. Memories Dreams & Reflections – Carl Gustav Jung

3. Bhagavad Gita ‘As it is’ – A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

When I returned to england in September 1999 I somehow felt very different…   

What a beautiful island ! 

To sit in peace, to take things slow,

Enjoying nature, watching it grow.

Natural beauty should be appreciated,

Yet the tree of life is fast becoming annihilated.


We live in a world that demands too much,

Its through desire and lust that we’ve become so out of touch.

In time we will see when the world is destroyed,

When we have taken everything through the tactics we’ve employed.


Human intelligence is directed to self,

We are what we earn, our egos need wealth.

Its easier to enjoy the simpler things,

to wait and see, to see what life brings.


We should just be grateful that health allows us another day,

Too enjoy natural beauty the easy way.

It’s no use worrying about wealth or about love,

as it’s something decided by the gods from above.


Life is spoilt with too much change,

We should learn to appreciate, not re-arrange.

Live for today enjoying the land,

As i have discovered with natures helping hand.


 Peace, love and happiness,

From within our self.

Is far more important than,

Desire, lust and wealth.


     Thanks for your time, ICB

About The Lone Gardener

About me, well so much i could tell you ??? I am now in my late 30's having had up to now an interested and varied life. Started out my working life as a chef immediately after finishing school in 1990. This gave the opportunity to travel extensively between the ages of 19-30, working in a variety of european countries. A long period was spent in the Canary islands, Tenerife where I worked as a waiter in a golf resort. I have also lived in Spain, France, Switzerland, Scotland, and driven the width of America twice. This was my most memorable experience journeying from Orlando across Interstate-10 to San Diego, up Route 1 to San Francisco and then across to Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, through Little Rock and then back to Orlando via New Orleans. The whole journey (7500 miles) took 3 weeks and gave me the opportunity to achieve many dreams, watching the sun come up at the Grand Canyon was the best !!! (Will write a blog at a later date ??) I have now settled for a while to prepare for my future which has involved a total career change. I work as a self-employed gardener having set up my business 2 years ago in the height of recession. I recently finished college attaining an RHS Level II Certificate in Horticulture and have to be honest I have finally found something to do in life which is a passion rather than a chore. I have slowly built up my clientele and look after approx 15 small gardens, 2 commercial sites, and a 2 acre garden. I am really enjoying my work at the moment and encourage anyone who is not happy in their job to consider a change into the world of horticulture. The big plan is to eventually move to Spain or Portugal (ten years time) and continue working in a climate that is more akin to my sensitivity... I HATE THE COLD! I am also very interested in Buddhism, having read Bhagavad Gita. If you want to understand life you have to understand yourself and this book amongst others, helped me immensely in discovering that spiritual pleasure is much more satisfying than material gain, and it also gave me the insight necessary to make decisions about what is important. I have also done a course on Kundalini Yoga, which is a yoga designed to help the energy flow through the body and remove any blockages in the chakras. So here you see some of my main influences and these are some of the topics that i will be discussing and sharing on my blog site. I invite you to share and comment on any of my posts, sensible, intelligent advice is always warmly received. Thanks for your time, Love and happiness TLG
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